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Skagit Farmers Supply is a locally owned and controlled cooperative with a board of directors comprised of five area farmers. The company serves farmers, homeowners, businesses, families and the communities in Skagit, Island, San Juan and Snohomish Counties in northwest Washington state.

Posted July 25th, 2013

Burrowing through once pristine landscapes, moles are tricky creatures that can be extremely difficult to control or eradicate. If you are facing a mole control problem, here is some advice from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife on how to prevent these pesky pests. Scare Tactics According to the WDFW website, scare tactics are… Read More »

Posted June 27th, 2013

In vegetable gardens, flowerbeds and laws alike, weeds are obnoxious invaders of otherwise useful space. Whether your garden is an award-winning masterpiece or simply a personal pleasure, you’ll need to consistently work on weed control throughout the spring and summer months. Below is a list of popular and effective weed control options that work for… Read More »

Posted June 19th, 2013

The first sunshine sighting often has winter-weary Northwesterners flocking to their patios for the long-awaited first barbecue of the season. Summer just isn’t the same without grilling. While grilling is fun, it is also potentially dangerous and should be approached with caution and safety in mind. Remembering these safety precautions can help ensure your summer… Read More »

Posted May 29th, 2013

Canning is an easy and inexpensive way to preserve fresh produce, meats, sauces and jams. Getting started can be intimidating, but with some basic knowledge and the proper supplies, nearly anyone can safely can food at home. The easiest method for beginning canners is called the “water bath method.” Equipment: Canning jars Lids and rings… Read More »

Posted May 29th, 2013

Travel, unfamiliar visitors, loud noises and separation anxiety can turn normally well-behaved pets into hyper and destructive animals. While this behavior is frustrating, it can often be remedied without resorting to desperate measures. Try these tricks to help calm anxiety and reduce unwanted behavior in pets. 1) Treats and Toys Separation anxiety is one of… Read More »

Posted December 2nd, 2012

Skagit Farmers Supply has completed a partnership agreement with ACE Hardware and will begin to include ACE Hardware product lines at the Sedro Woolley Country Store location beginning in early October. The 12,000 square foot store will be packed with thousands of essential products and supplies, including some of the most respected brand names and… Read More »

Posted November 21st, 2012

National FFA Organization National Event Winners – Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems 2012 Top Placing Teams: 1st Place – Washington Patrick Swanson, Leif Small, Curtis Flake, and Ashley Rich, all of Stanwood FFA Top Placing Individuals: 1st Place– Patrick Swanson of Stanwood FFA, WA National FFA Organization – National Event Winners

Posted October 11th, 2012

Late Summer – Early Fall (think September 1-15) is an optimal grass management time for lawns. As the days start to lengthen and cool, grass begins to wake up at the end of the summer dormant and root shedding period. A root growth phase begins that must happen prior to top growth. This becomes one… Read More »

Posted August 24th, 2012

I’ve considered Fall to be the most important time for pasture management for some time. Thought I’d share the following articles that address why this is true. For those of you who jump to the end of stories, I provide the following: Ensure your pasture stubble is 4-6 inches by November 1st in order to… Read More »

Posted June 12th, 2012

Hello, I am David Ridle, Skagit Farmers Supply Country Stores Agricultural Products & Services Consultant. Recently I’ve received several calls regarding Buttercup, Ranunculus sp., in pastures and hayfields. Folks are concerned because Buttercup has multiple impacts, i.e., the plant is both invasive and moderately toxic (more information). Impacts Creeping buttercup’s competitive growth crowds out other… Read More »