Skagit Farmers Supply

NACHURS® & Skagit Farmers Supply announce a PNW marketing alliance

NACHURS® is a global leader in the specialty liquid fertilizer industry.  For over 70 years NACHURS® has been supplying farmers with research driven, low salt, high quality liquid fertilizers.  NACHURS® is the original in-furrow fertilizer supplier in North America.  Terminals and plants are strategically located throughout the United States to serve all fertilizer dealers when they need it the most during the growing season.  Skagit Farmers Supply has successfully incorporated NACHURS® products into fertigation, in-furrow, and foliar applications for all local crops for decades.  Now with NACHURS® Bio-K®, Rhyzo-link®, and Procote® product lines, all local farmers in the Pacific Northwest can reap the benefits of these cutting edge nutrient technologies increasing yields and crop quality as part of a comprehensive program with Skagit Farmers Supply.  NACHURS® currently has dedicated a focus on Potato production with both university and independent trials across America.

“NACHURS® is proud to be associated with Skagit Farmers Supply in Washington State. Our mission is to help our dealers provide their customers with the highest quality products and services for their growing crops. We know this is especially important for the types of specialty crops grown in Washington.”

Skagit Farmers Supply and NACHURS® are proud to announce a PNW wholesale and regional marketing alliance including producer and agronomist training, a terminal agreement and marketing.  This agreement will only enhance our value and service to our producers on all levels.


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