Skagit Farmers Supply


Skagit Farmers Supply was started by farmers in 1934 as a way of supplying fuel for their farms.  That founding is still at our heart as a cooperative still supporting agriculture in the rural communities that we live and do business in.  We’ve grown thru the years, but our co-op has had consistency on our board of directors and with management which help us stay true to our values.  Customer Commitment, People, Integrity, Performance, Quality, Safety & Community.  We strive to live these values every day.

Our co-op started in refined fuels and lubricants, but our energy department has grown and we’ve become a leader in propane marketing.  Our iconic Skagit Farmers Supply green propane tanks started dotting the landscape in 1982.  By strategically investing in two rail facilities and a total of six propane storage sites, we have become a safe and trusted source for propane supply and now have over 17,000 tanks from the San Juan Islands to high up in the North Cascade Mountains.

We entered full service agronomy in the early 1980’s and we’ve grown as we service the last agricultural acres left on Puget Sound.  Our agronomy center in Conway, Washington opened in 1992 under the leadership of Ken Kadlec and the board of directors.  That investment has helped a generation of farmers with supply and expertise and also allowed us to be at the forefront to support the organic production boom that has followed.  Our members grow both organic and conventional, fresh to market fruits and vegetables.  There are over 110 crops grown in our geography.  We opened our new, state of the art agronomy center in 2017 in Burlington, Washington to help support the next generation of farmers and rural living enthusiasts.  It is our mission to preserve and enhance viability of the local agriculture economy through cooperative profitability.

Skagit Farmers Supply has been retailing goods to our members for four generations.  That has led us to open Country Stores in communities in Northwest Washington and to make the decision in 2013 to purchase Aslin-Finch and grow out of western Washington and open Country Stores in other communities in eastern Washington and in Idaho and Montana.  We’re proud to offer our own proprietary brands: Cascade Seed & Fertilizer and Aslin-Finch Feed that are manufactured specifically for the communities we operate in.  Our 13th location opened in Oroville, Washington in January 2017.

Our wholesale distribution and milling department operates out of Spokane, Washington and primarily delivers farm and home goods to dealers in 7 western states.  We manufacture and distribute high quality, locally sourced feed, as well as national brand pet food and a wide array of farm and home products.

We’re proud of our growth, and equally as proud to do it by keeping our commitment to agriculture and by supporting the communities we live and work in for the benefit of the next generation.

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