Skagit Farmers Supply

Month: March 2017

NACHURS® & Skagit Farmers Supply announce a PNW marketing alliance

NACHURS® is a global leader in the specialty liquid fertilizer industry.  For over 70 years NACHURS® has been supplying farmers with research driven, low salt, high quality liquid fertilizers.  NACHURS® is the original in-furrow fertilizer supplier in North America.  Terminals and plants are strategically located throughout the United States to serve all fertilizer dealers when… Read More »

Falcons can protect your berry crop

BIRDS EATING YOUR FRUIT??                                                                                                     By Charlie Anderson Here’s how to stop them! Perhaps the greatest frustration I have experienced in growing fruit for my own farm and others is watching birds eat my fruit! Starlings, cedar waxwings and robins will eat 3 to 4 tons per day if they are present in large flocks. Birds… Read More »