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Skagit Farmers Supply operates two full service agronomy centers and custom blends organic and conventional fertilizers. We offer trained agronomists, precision equipment and a full range of crop protection to meet your needs. Although we are located in western Washington, we market our bagged products in retail stores across the northwestern United States as well as Hawaii and Alaska. We market Supersack (1 ton) quantity bulk fertilizers east of the Cascades. Our Certified Organic blends are available for pick-up or delivery. We support organic and conventional fresh to market fruits and vegetables and consult on over 100 crops in western Washington. We provide turf & ornamental products, we market to nurseries & greenhouses and we provide service in large scale production as well as small acre, rural living enthusiasts.


One product Skagit Farmers Supply recommends is Weed Slayer —
an organic solution to natural grass and weed control!

Weed Slayer is an organic weed killer that uses clove oil and organic bio surfactants to effectively kill weeds, generally in just one application! Weed Slayer translocates, moving through the cell walls to kill the root, and is not temperature dependent. Click here to download the information packet and rate card.


To purchase Weed Slayer from Amazon, click here:
Weed Slayer Organic Herbicide Natural Grass/Weed Control  2 gallon 
Thyme Guard Organic Bactericide/Fungicide/Insceticide


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Agriculture is at the heart of our cooperative mission statement and serving our customers is central to our values. Please call us with your questions at 360-757-7870 (Burlington, Washington) or 888-445-5015 (Conway, Washington). If you would like to speak with our organic experts or for a consultation on organic production, please call our Conway Agronomy Center.