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Bulk Petroleum

Skagit Farmers Supply is your trusted source for bulk petroleum since 1934. We have the experience and exceptional service one would expect whether it’s for the home, farm or business.

What We Have to Offer:

Auto Fill Inventory Management System
Let us do the work to manage your fuel inventory. Never worry about running out of fuel again. We can control the inventory in your tank so you don’t have to.

Tank Monitors
Wireless remote tank level monitoring and management system that will monitor your tank levels and usage. Monitors will accurately measure tank levels and transmit this data to a controller using wireless technology. This allows us to control your inventory to eliminate low fuel levels.

Premium Fuel Additive
Skagit Farmers Supply Premium Diesel Additive is a multi-functional, heavy-duty, diesel fuel additive, specially formulated to enhance fuel ignition quality and provide exceptional injector cleanliness. It also contains cetane improver to improve engine starting.

Fuel Storage Tanks
We have your bulk fuel storage needs handled with tanks ranging from 150-1,000 gallon farm tanks in stock at our Burlington Country Store. Special order tanks available up to 10,000 gallons. 150 gallon and 300 gallon furnace oil tanks are in stock as well.

Fuel Available for Delivery:
Skagit Farmers Supply has many fuel grade options that can be delivered to your commercial business, farm, construction site or home.

    1. Highway Diesel
    1. Dyed Diesel (off road or farm diesel)
    1. Gasoline (unleaded)
    1. Ethanol Free Gasoline (unleaded)
    1. Furnace Oil
    1. Kerosene

You can place your fuel order online with the Online Order Form below.

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All orders subject to prices and fees for applicable day of delivery.
All orders must meet our minimum 100 gallon requirement or minimum 300 gallon requirement for ethanol free gasoline orders . Please note ordering the minimum delivery amount of 100 gallons or a quantity less than a fill may result in a higher rate per gallon.