Skagit Farmers Supply

Board of Directors

Skagit Farmers Supply producer members elect the Board of Directors. This dedicated team works together to ensure the smooth operation of the cooperative, assessing needs, managing risk and planning for the future with the needs of members, customers and employees in mind. The Board continually strives to position Skagit Farmers Supply for the future.

Current board of directors from left to right: Jen Smith, Nels Lagerlund, Rick Williams, Jeff Boon, Cristina Waltner, and CEO/GM Tom Boland




Nels Lagerlund:

Nels is the current Board Chairman and has served on the Board since 2011, continuing a family history of cooperative board involvement.  He is a fourth generation farmer and has recently converted his dairy operations to organic milk production.





Rick Williams:

Rick and M’Lisse farm in the Stanwood area with their son Garrett, his wife and three grandchildren, (not a lot of help yet but definitely a lot of fun).  Rick’s Dad, Bill still helps out in the farming operation that spans five generations.  They grow vegetable seed crops, grass seed, red potatoes, grain crops, forage grass and corn.  Rick joined the board in 2004 and has served for many years as Vice-Chairman.




Jennifer Smith:

Jennifer joined the board in 2015.  She and her husband Brad raise potatoes, wheat, barley, spinach seed and winter squash.  Jennifer spent much of her youth helping at a local cooperative in Eastern Washington where her Dad worked and has had a successful career in agriculture working in the seed industry.  She currently serves as the Board Secretary/Treasurer.




Jeff Boon:

Jeff was appointed to the Board in the fall of 2016 and was elected for a three year term in March of 2017. He and his wife, Allison have two young sons.  They operate dairy farms in Skagit, Snohomish and Grant counties along with his brother and his family and their parents.






Cristina Waltner:

Cristina was elected in 2017 for a three year term.  She co-manages the family farm in the Skagit Valley where she grew up.  Wearing multiple hats in several farming operations, Cristina and her husband Brian also farm, raising an assortment of crops from berries and fresh market vegetables to seed crops and rotational grains, as well as raising two children, a daughter and a son.