Skagit Farmers Supply

WISErg™ – Organic Liquid Fertilizer made from food scraps!

Fertilizer that’s good enough to eat? Not that you would, but when there is a fertilizer made from nutritious food scraps, you might think about it! Skagit Farmers Supply distributes such a product called WISErg™. WISErg™ collects food waste from places like your neighborhood grocery store and uses their innovative technology to turn it into something that replenishes soil; liquid organic fertilizer. WISErg™ is a pathogen free fertilizer, rich with macro and micro nutrients that promote healthier soils and plant growth. WISErg™ is a bio-clean technology company headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. WISErg™ liquid organic fertilizer brings a dramatic shift to how we think about waste creation and food production. Visit their website at for more information on this organic, sustainable solution to production agriculture.

Skagit Farmers Supply is a diversified, locally owned cooperative headquartered in Burlington, Washington. Western Washington is home to over 80 crops ranging from fresh to market fruits and vegetables, to seed crops and dairys. Skagit Farmers Supply has been at the forefront of supplying organic solutions to growers for more than a decade and a half. We have agronomists trained in both organic and conventional agriculture as well as having an organic crop nutrient blending facility located in Conway, Washington. Call us at 888-445-5015 to find out more about WISErg™ and all of our other organic and sustainable solutions for your farm.