Skagit Farmers Supply

Month: June 2012

Buttercups in Pastures and Hayfields

Hello, I am David Ridle, Skagit Farmers Supply Country Stores Agricultural Products & Services Consultant. Recently I’ve received several calls regarding Buttercup, Ranunculus sp., in pastures and hayfields. Folks are concerned because Buttercup has multiple impacts, i.e., the plant is both invasive and moderately toxic (more information). Impacts Creeping buttercup’s competitive growth crowds out other… Read More »

New Flea Product Available

Fleago is a natural, extremely safe preventative product. This is the best time of year to apply. Fleago works best on hatching larvae but is also effective on adults. Vacuum vigorously, then use as directed for best results. Refrain from vacuuming for about a week after application. On hardwood or tile floors use around baseboards… Read More »