Skagit Farmers Supply

Month: April 2017

EDASC Success Story – Skagit Farmers Supply

EDASC, the Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County has a profile on Skagit Farmers Supply in their April newsletter. Visit EDASC to read our profile. Our cooperative plays an important support role in Western Washington agriculture. This highly productive agricultural valley has resisted the advances of developers for over a generation now. EDASC is working… Read More »

WISErg™ – Organic Liquid Fertilizer made from food scraps!

Fertilizer that’s good enough to eat? Not that you would, but when there is a fertilizer made from nutritious food scraps, you might think about it! Skagit Farmers Supply distributes such a product called WISErg™. WISErg™ collects food waste from places like your neighborhood grocery store and uses their innovative technology to turn it into… Read More »