Skagit Farmers Supply

Using science and technology to farm better

What’s old seems to be new again!  At least that’s the case in ever-increasing areas of the Pacific Northwest, where a combination of quickly evolving diets and environmental stewardship are causing grocers and farmers to try new farming techniques. Although some of these new techniques are variations of tried and true agricultural practices that were used when our co-op was founded over 3 generations ago, these softer farming techniques have been modified to support larger-scale food production, so you can continue to grow more with less. Less fertilizer and less chemicals! A more sustainable agriculture using science and technology to support a growing plant and maintain soil health.

This technology comes in the forms you might be used to: New fertilizer sheds are segregated to separate organic and conventional nutrients; the ability to scout a field with a farmer and send a custom fertilizer order in seamlessly to a plant to blend it and have it delivered within an hour; the ability to coat each granular nutrient so that nutrient can be delivered in tact to a field and not break down in the process or blow away upon delivery. Technology allows a crop to be planted accurately and quickly to minimize the risks associated with spring weather.

Innovation in softer forms of agriculture are also helping farmers control weeds without using harsh chemicals. With the implied negative effects of glyphosate in the news, customers are asking for alternatives. Agro Research International developed an alternative that has been used on diverse fresh to market fruits and vegetables across the country.  This alternative, called Weed Slayer, is the first non-selective, organic based herbicide that US farmers have been able to use in lieu of glyphosate. Skagit Farmers Supply has worked with farmers and agribusinesses across the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and Alaska to introduce this innovative soft solution to the market. Agro Research has several innovative organic products that will help farmers to continue to meet the changing demands of consumers looking for fresh, healthy food that is grown with sustainable agricultural practices.  We’re committed to agriculture and it’s exciting to see some older organic practices returning with innovative twists needed to feed our growing population.