Skagit Farmers Supply

The Next Generation

We were excited to host so many of our farmer members, vendors and the many members of our area businesses to the Grand Opening of our newest agronomy center in Burlington, Washington!  It was an event full of excitement and energy as we all look to the future of agriculture in western Washington!  The addition of this new facility with the state of the art technology and automation will allow us to blend loads in 30 seconds (over 200 ton an hour), unload rail cars in 40 minutes and build pallets of bagged fertilizer in 4 minutes!  The integrated coating technology increases the effectiveness of crop nutrients on the plants as the integrity of the nutrients are maintained during blending and distribution while reducing dust and loss of product.  The improved precision blending ensures our growers receive the correct ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, potash and micronutrients that their soil analysis requires.  Our site will use less energy as we used energy efficient motors and we’re 100% LED lighting.  The site is engineered to retain 100% of storm water on site!

Thank you to US Congressman Rick Larsen for spending some time with our members and enjoying the latest technology used in support of agriculture at the newest agronomy center in western Washington.  This site is a conventional plant and it has allowed us to greatly expand our organic production capabilities at our plant in Conway, Washington.  Skagit County produces the 2nd most organic crops in the state and is home to more than 40 conventional and organic fresh to market fruits and vegetables, seed crops as well as a thriving dairy and beef industry.  As customer preferences continue to evolve, our farmers are meeting the strong demand for locally grown, fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables with the large population on the west coast.