Skagit Farmers Supply

Spring is here and SFS is still open!

The tulips are coming up and the berries have budded. We have conventional and organic fertilizer heading onto the damp fields here in Northwest Washington. Spring isn’t waiting for the end of the “Stay, Healthy Stay Home” order, so we can’t either. The team at Skagit Farmers Supply is doing business, although it won’t be “business as usual.” However, our staff is still available to assist you during the planting and growing season.

For the most optimum service this spring, good communication is always helpful. To contact an office or member of our sales staff:

(360) 757-7870 / Burlington Agronomy Center

(360) 445-5015 / Conway Agronomy Center

(360) 755-3615 / Lynden Agronomy Center
This is located at the former Elenbaas location at 421 Birch Bay-Lynden Road

360-306-7821 / Jose Rivera

360-389-7571 / Blake Carson

360-661-3401 / Charlie Anderson

360-707-1321 / Jon Jarvis

360-708-2123 / Steve Groen

360-770-0538 / Molly Pershing

We have our offices closed to the public, but if you call ahead, we can get orders ready for pick up or delivery.  We plan on being open Monday thru Saturday during the season, with Sundays dependent on the weather.  Our Lynden location has been stocked with chemicals, as well as conventional, organic and liquid fertilizers.  Please contact us to place any custom orders. 

We’re staffed and supplied for the spring.  The wildcard will be related to any potential impact from the coronavirus on our crew.  We’re segregating and practicing social distancing to stay healthy and deliver support to our membership. 

If you’ve been a cooperative member for a while, we have the 2009 stock retirement (the remaining 70% of ’09 business) checks heading your way.  In June, we have 50% of last years’ business to pay out.  It’s nice in these uncertain times to be able to do that.  Fertilizer pricing is like last year and fuel prices are down, so that should help heading into the season.