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LMF Feeds: A worldwide enterprise

For over 35 years, LMF Feed has been a premier horse feed brand in the Northwest. LMF is based on 1 key concept – 
that we take the excellent forage found in the west and use that as the base for all of our diets. The hay we find in the West in some of the best in the world, both in quality and nutrition value. Using this excellent hay as our base, we’ve built a wide array of feeds that complement what the horse is already receiving through their hay and forage and have partnered with some of the best in the industry – including Alltech and Performance Horse Nutrition – to make sure our value added ingredients and formulation are of the highest quality. LMF feeds typically have low feeding rates with a high nutrient content. We’ve got a feed for every age and need, from mares and foals to horses that are carbohydrate sensitive.

LMF has distribution in the 8 Western states and Texas, so you can expect to see product on shelves in Fresno, CA or Burlington, WA. What you may not expect is seeing LMF products at many racetracks around the world. We currently partner with racing facilities in Hong Kong, China and Japan to provide the high quality feed that they demand for their high caliber athletes. From these racing stables have come winners of many of the high dollar and prestigious races –including most recently Exultant, the winner of the Hong Kong Vase, who is trained by LMF user Tony Cruz.

LMF fuels some premier equine athletes in the U.S. as well and works with well-known brand ambassadors of all disciplines like Tamarack Ranch, Dr. Kathy Grimes, Nadine Schwartsman, Todd Bergen, Jake Gorrell and Bob Avila. Our newest brand ambassador is an equine assisted therapy facility, Sun Dance Ranch.









The ambassadors that LMF is most proud of, however, are not the big names in the industry. We find the most satisfaction with the reports we hear from everyday people who reach out to say how our feed, expertise, or information helped them become a better horse owner. We value that positive feedback, and continually strive to provide the best possible customer service and product quality.

At LMF, we put horses first, and good things follow. Our vision is to help create healthy animals and happy owners, and that’s what we’ll continue to do, one horse at a time.