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Great info for your DEF Winter Storage & Handling

DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) is a nontoxic, nonflammable, blend of water and urea that is injected into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to counterbalance engine pollutants. Storing and maintaining this crucial product during winter requires consideration.

Check out the quick info below to arm yourself with basic DEF winter knowledge.

1.     Know that it will freeze. DEF is a water-based solution, so just like water, it will freeze. The product reaches a solid state at 12deg F. Keep in mind that the process of freezing has no effect on the fluid’s quality or performance.

2.     Account for growth. DEF expands when it does freeze, so when storing the product, it is important to ensure the tank on the equipment is not completely full. This will prevent cracking of the storage basin. Once the equipment is started, the DEF will thaw quickly and return to its usable state.

3.     Store indoors. DEF should be kept indoors in temperature-controlled environments whenever possible. DEF should be protected against temperature extremes.

4.     DEF is slightly corrosive. Use containers of HDPE plastic or stainless steel for longer-term storage to keep the fluid free of contaminants. Other materials may corrode when in contact with DEF and cause contamination.

5.     Check the expiration. The storage life of DEF varies. The urea in the formulation is most vulnerable to sunlight and higher temperatures. DEF can maintain its qualities for about twelve months, in favorable storage conditions.