Skagit Farmers Supply

Agronomy & Farming Services in the Skagit Valley

No matter what time of year you arrive in the Skagit Valley, you’ll be drawn to the miles and miles of vast farmland, stretching out from the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and bursting with life. Arrive in the spring for a colorful expanse of tulips and daffodils, or stop by in the fall for acres of soaring corn and plump apples. The Skagit Valley in Northwest Washington is one of the most diverse agricultural communities in the west. That’s no surprise, given that agriculture is the top industry in Skagit County, with local farmers producing about $261 million worth of crops, livestock and dairy products on 93,000 acres of land each year.


With farming and agriculture at the center of life in Northwest Washington, Skagit Farmers Supply is thrilled to be the main resource for farmers, producers and even hobby growers. The cooperative, founded in 1934, operates two full service agronomy centers in Conway and Burlington. Staffing eight certified agronomists with more than 160 years of combined agronomy experience, Skagit Farmers Supply is a wealth of knowledge regarding agricultural products and services for Conventional, Turf and Ornamental, and Organic farming operations.



More than 90 different crops are grown in Skagit County each year! From berries and flowers to a plethora of fruits and vegetables, it’s no wonder the area is a farming haven. Skagit Farmers Supply’s Agronomy department provides both seed and services to help local producers grow whatever crops they need. These include:

  • Custom blend seed mixes
  • Custom applied seed and fertilizer mixes.
  • Clean, high-quality and local seed for new-seeding, over-seeding, and cover crops applications.
  • Certified organic seed



Our team sells custom blend fertilizer mixes across the Western United States, including to producers in Hawaii and Alaska. We provide a full range of commercial fertilizers, including dry bulk, bagged and liquid options, with delivery services available. Our team is on hand to custom blend fertilizer mixes and administer custom applications to local fields. Beyond that, our CCA certified agronomists can make recommendations on crop protection and nutrition programs to maximize profitability and yield for our growers and customers. This makes us the most complete resource for farmers and producers in our region.

In addition, we carry a full line of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, surfactants and more for conventional, turf and ornamental, and organic producers.


Skagit Farmers Supply is proud to have the only certified organic dry blending facility in Western Washington at our Conway Agronomy Center, marketing high-quality organic blends that utilized certified OMRI or WSDA products. We are also continually striving to source the latest in cutting-edge organic products and materials. Deliveries and pickup options are available upon request.


Whatever your agriculture and agronomy needs, the team at Skagit Farmers Supply will be able to help. Contact our agronomy department today to get started.