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Podcast: The Right Potato Nutrition for a Stress Free Season

Join us on March 28th from 11am-12pm for a Spudman podcast discussing comprehensive potato crop nutrition.

The Right Potato Nutrition for a Stress Free Season

Good plant nutrition goes a long way toward reducing crop stresses and setting the stage for top potato yields and quality. Join Dr. Steve Petrie and potato crop manager Jimmy Ridgway as they discuss the importance of comprehensive potato nutrition program, and insight into how calcium and foliar nutrition can help reduce the adverse effects of diseases, environmental stresses like heat and soil salts, and physiological disorders like hollow heart/brown center. Foliar nutrition is a key component of a sound plant nutrition program and can be instrumental in helping avoid hidden hunger in potatoes by targeting specific nutritional needs at different physiological growth stages

Jimmy Ridgeway: Crop Manager-Potatoes for North America, Yara North America
Dr. Steve Petrie: Extensive career in agronomy, crop research and management

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03/28/2019, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm