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Organic Weed Control – WeedSlayer

Agro Research International has been having great success with Weed Slayer, their organic weed control.  Visit Agro Research International for more information on Weed Slayer and their other great natural solutions for the food industry.

One product the team at Skagit Farmers Supply recommends is Weed Slayer —
an organic solution to natural grass and weed control!
Interested in learning more or  purchasing these products? Click the below links:
Weed Slayer Organic Herbicide Natural Grass/Weed Control  2 gallon 
Thyme Guard Organic Bactericide/Fungicide/Insceticide

Skagit Farmers Supply continues to support farmers that raise organic crops to meet the growing consumer demand.  We source organic material and customer blend dry and liquid fertilizer specific to the field and the crop for best results.

If you are looking for an organic & natural solution to weed control, please call Skagit Farmers Supply and ask about Weed Slayer!  Skagit Farmers Supply is a distributer of Weed Slayer and Agro Research International products.

To purchase Weed Slayer online on Amazon, click here!