Skagit Farmers Supply


Skagit Farmers Supply Youth Day

Attention 4H & FFA groups, join us at our newest agronomy center at 12939 Avon Allen Rd in Burlington, WA on Saturday, October 21st 9am – 11:30am for an interactive tour of our site.  Staff will be on hand to demonstrate the state-of-the-art technology and automation being used in the agriculture industry.  Trained agronomist will… Read More »

2017 Employee Retreats

  We bring our employees together each year for company updates and social interaction.  Our 2017 retreats will be one to remember as our employees from across our business units and administration were treated to a great presentation by Jan Harrison of JHarrison Solutions and then it was on to Island Adventures and the incredible… Read More »

7 Tips for Harvesting Honey

Like the saying goes, bees are busy — and for good reason! Their efforts play a big role in food production, from vegetables and fruits, to pollinating the plants that other animals eat. Nearly everything we consume, from coffee to chocolate, has been made possible by bees. However, the hard work doesn’t end there.  Bees… Read More »

Food for Thought

On a recent trip back to Minnesota, my wife, Kelly and I spent a night with friends on Lake Minnetonka. As the evening progressed, I was struck by number of people who volunteered that they are trying to eat healthy and they related this to options such as organic food, local food, free range and… Read More »


At Skagit Farmers Supply we’re proud to be part of the communities that we live and work in. Support of our communities is at the heart of our cooperative mission and values. This isn’t new for us. It goes back to our founding four generations ago. Our cooperative is led by our farmer board of directors and respect and support of our communities is as important as the respect and care that is given to the land. It’s nurtured and fed and kept viable so it can be handed down to our next generation.  We believe that the local cooperative business model is still the best way to support agriculture in our country and the rural communities that we live and do business in.

About Country Store

Support of agriculture is at the heart of our mission statement. Our Country Stores are vital to this as they provide quality goods and services to our communities. As our communities change, we’re changing with them. We’re now located in suburbs and metro areas so our products are changing with them. Our busiest days of the year revolve around our four legged friends that spend so much of their days with us. We call it Pet-a-Palooza! We continue to offer products for those that want to raise animals and crops, but we’re adding to that with True Value & Ace Hardware, rugged and durable clothing and much more. We add in some expertise so we can help you when you have projects that challenge you. We hope you enjoy shopping at our County Stores.