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Skagit Farmers Supply hosts Japanese visitors learning about our organic farming practices

It seems that consumers have never been more interested in what they are eating.  For much of the past three generations, most of America showed up at grocery stores and filled their carts with popular brand name foods and packaged meals.  The generations drifted away from the farm and for the first time in much… Read More »

June is Dairy Month!

We’re celebrating with great recipes using our favorite dairy ingredients. Visit Land O’ Lakes to get some great new ideas to impress everyone at your next family gathering! A personal favorite is the Tres Leches Cake with Berries. We’ll be serving that very soon as the fresh blueberries and raspberries pair very well with this… Read More »

Proudly Propane: Keeping your hearth and home warm this winter

Whether it was La Niña or Mother Nature or both, the cooler wet winter drove up the thermostats and caused many to huddle around their fireplaces in homes throughout the Pacific Northwest. Even with our good propane staff and infrastructure in place at Skagit Farmers Supply, we were still challenged to keep our customers warm… Read More »

Crystal Green® – Continuous Release Root-Activated™ Phosphorus

  Crystal Green® is the first continuous release fertilizer to provide Root-Activated™ phosphorus, along with nitrogen and magnesium, (5-28-0 with 10%Mg), to feed potato plants in one season-long application. As a source of phosphorus, Crystal Green represents a true innovation in the fertilizer sector due to its unique mode-of-action. Unlike conventional phosphorus fertilizers, which are… Read More »


At Skagit Farmers Supply we’re proud to be part of the communities that we live and work in. Support of our communities is at the heart of our cooperative mission and values. This isn’t new for us. It goes back to our founding four generations ago. Our cooperative is led by our farmer board of directors and respect and support of our communities is as important as the respect and care that is given to the land. It’s nurtured and fed and kept viable so it can be handed down to our next generation.  We believe that the local cooperative business model is still the best way to support agriculture in our country and the rural communities that we live and do business in.

About Country Store

Support of agriculture is at the heart of our mission statement. Our Country Stores are vital to this as they provide quality goods and services to our communities. As our communities change, we’re changing with them. We’re now located in suburbs and metro areas so our products are changing with them. Our busiest days of the year revolve around our four legged friends that spend so much of their days with us. We call it Pet-a-Palooza! We continue to offer products for those that want to raise animals and crops, but we’re adding to that with True Value & Ace Hardware, rugged and durable clothing and much more. We add in some expertise so we can help you when you have projects that challenge you. We hope you enjoy shopping at our County Stores.